Lynnett Carver-Quinn

I joined It Works to get my products at cost without a 3 month committment.  After using the wraps and greens I was feeling better and looking better!!  I have to admit I was very skeptical.  All of a suddent people were asking me what I was doing because of the very apparrent visible difference. 

After 3 months I decided to go to a meeting and see what this company was all about.  I left this meeting very excited but yet with some hesitation that it was as good as they made it out to be.  What I did know is the products worked!!  After all if they didn't they would have to change the name of the company since it is called It Works!!

I had some hesitation from myself and family but decided to give it a go.  If I could only make $600 a month and get to Ruby (because again these things do not work - in my mind) it help solve my financial situation.

What happened you might ask?  Well in 11 months from starting to work this as a businesss I promoted myself to the title of Double Diamond and was able to at the age of 49 retire from working for someone else and build my own dreams!!

I am grateful to It Works for creating a company and products that are truley life changing.  I am also grateful to my friend Krystal who I did not know previously that introduced me to this company.

My life has been changed and I would love to share with you, and help you change yours.

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